pepper lane studios guidelines

1. Cancellations and Refunds

When booking with Pepper Lane Studios, you'll be asked within your earliest convenience to pay a 50% retainer which is non refundable. In the the event of a cancellation your deposit will be forfeited and you'll be required to pay a upfront payment of $50.00 to book in a new date. A rescheduling fee may also be charge if you have given less than three weeks notice (special circumstances are consdiered). 

2. Locations & Travel Fees

Once a location has been picked, we will communicate whether travel will be a factor in your total package cost. We charge $1 per km.This evaluates the cost effectively and correctly to avoid being under or overcharged. You will never be charged travel without being told so first. 

3. What to wear & what to avoid

Closer to your session date, we will discuss what to wear and what not to wear. We always recommend neutral colours like Black, White or Nudes with florals (for the girls) as these colours blend in well and won't distract from the overall image. Sticking to garments with sleeves and undergarments that match the colour of your clothing help also.

We always get clients to avoid colours like purples, reds and greens and these can really clash with your chosen landscape and will generally always pick up things you don't want to be seen.

4. Weather 

99% of the time we aren't able to tell you if the weather is going to be beautiful on the day of your booking. We will always give you at least 3 hours notice prior to your booked time if the session is going ahead. A reschedule will only happen if its looking gloomy, dark and is raining already. 

5. After your booking

Once your session is completed you should expect sneak peek images within 48-72 hours. Your gallery usually take up to 28 days to be fully retouched and completed, this is when you'll be able to view them privately via an online link. Once you receive your images, under no circumstances should you alter them in any way, this is against our policy and legal action may be taken if done so.

6. Paying for your booking/package

When booking with Pepper Lane Studios you'll be asked to choose a package out of three available. Once this occurs, your deposit will be made and your session will be booked and go ahead. Seven days prior you'll be required to pay your owing balance unless there is an agreed payment plan in place.

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